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Forskerservice: English summary

What is this guide for?

This subject guide provides information to researchers and PhD students at KADK.

The Danish version contains an overview of library services and resources that support research. The topics covered in this guide include:

  • Research registration in Pure
  • Impact and bfi
  • Reference management (Endnote, Zotero)
  • Online CVs and research platforms: Pure, Orcid, Academia, ResearchGate…
  • Good publication practices and publication strategies
  • Open Access
  • Copyright
  • Organizing knowledge / data management

While we are working on expanding the English version - please contact us via e-mail to get help with your specific questions.

Publishing at KADK

Check out this KADK memo on good publishing practices for info on publishing channels, Open Access, peer review, impact...


The library's research support team are Tabea von BrückSøren Peter Mørch and Margrethe "Gæk" Bredahl.

Please contact us via our shared e-mail - and we will do our best to reply fast.


PhD school - library classes

As part of KADK's PhD school, the library offers two PhD classes per year: during Spring and Autumn. The Spring class is held in Danish and the Autumn class in English. Both classes are taught at the library as two-day seminars on two consecutive days.

The purpose of these classes is to present you with tools that support your research with regard to academic literature search, the acquisition of materials, search methods and strategies. 

You will get to know and other resources available at the KADK library - both databases with academic literature and image databases. In addition, we will introduce you to resources and services available at other libraries in Denmark.

The classes will also contain an introduction to research registration with Pure. Other topics that are covered include academic publishing and publishing strategies, peer review, open access, impact and Den Bibliometriske Forskningsindikator - BFI, ORCID as well as the dissemination of research in general.